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My M.A. thesis titled Empathy Will Save Us... Eventually: A Reading of Nine Novels by Philip K. Dick is arranged into 5 chapters and an appendix: Introduction,Narrative Techniques, Characterisation, Themes and Conclusion, and Works Cited as the appendix. Navigating should be easy as there is a button bar at the top of each chapter. The link to the left takes you to the first chapter.

If you're intending to use it, here's information for citing:

Hrafnkelsdóttir, Hrafnhildur Blöndal. Empathy Will Save Us... Eventually: A Reading of Nine Novels by Philip K. Dick. M.A. Thesis. University of Iceland, 1994.

Perhaps this is not 100% accurately done, but at least all the necessary info is there.

You can also download the thesis in PDF format onto your computer for your printing pleasures (should you have those), MA-Thesis in PDF. It's not very big, just under 200 kb, and the chapters are bookmarked.

I have not collected any links to PKD sites that I recommend; basically there are only two sites you need to know about: This is the official PKD website, the place where you'll find, well, everything you need to find on PKD, and: Philip K. Dick Fans which is the "official" fan website. It has EVERYTHING, a really great site where you can roam for days it's so packed with exciting content. And now, if you're still interested, you can go on and read my thesis.